Thursday, 26 May 2016

Trondheim Tour Part 2 - Book / Tape Launch

Responsorium / what did you say

Book launch for Arild Vange's new book Responsorium published by Aschehoug Forlag. Reading by Arild Vange with Lars Dybvik (piano)


Arid Vange and Neil Davidson present their new cassette what did you say featuring improvisations recorded in summer 2013. Or were they? Neither can remember. 
Acoustic guitar sounds with poems from the book improvisasjon person and other places read in English, Norwegian and German. Recorded by John Cavanagh at Glo Spot. 

Cassette comes in a small edition of 50 copies [blue cassettes with hand printed covers] available from Arild and Neil. Also released as a download from

Bar Moskus
Olav Tryggvasons Gate 5
Monday 6th June

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