Friday, 25 March 2016

Saturnalian Solstice Free Jazz Show

THE FINAL FIVE - Fritz Welch, Armin Sturm, Neil Davidson
 George Burt - Solo
 Sue McKenzie, Rick Bamford 
8pm Tuesday 22nd December The Old Hairdressers Renfield Lane £5

THE FINAL FIVE is a vivid science fiction mess of circuitry linking conceptual processes and human flesh. Free associating between the 18th century’s disasters of enlightenment and the free jazz present, our music bypasses romanticism completely. It is anti psychological, anti realist, foregrounds an erotics of repetition and anticipates aural perceptions that we don't know about yet, of things underneath, of codes hidden. Again.

GEORGE BURT is part of a UK jazz continuum that drifts free of the genre as often as it anchors it: Soft Machine, King Crimson, June Tabor (George makes this inclusion make sense); these are consonances, co-ordinates. All those projects with Lol Coxhill, Keith Tippett, Maggie Nicols, Ken Hayder and Harry Becket stem from this; a humane modernity that’s distrustful of nostalgia but anchored in a Strayhorn-like pathos of gesture. Solo guitar music from Falkirk.

SUE MCKENZIE & RICK BAMFORD - Deadpan saxophone rigour with tantric drum archery.

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