Monday, 9 May 2011

FvRTvR / Muris + Noma

FvrTvR is a dry heave and solid shove whistling dixie in Heartburn Alley. It's made with the tofu & insect electronics of Guido Henneboehl combined with the anemic percussion and vocal gasp of Fritz Welch. Taking a cue from Nat King Cole and Stubby Kaye this duo operates in a realm of marginal expectations and exuberant possibilities. FvrTvR's music stumbles interstitially between concrete ambulance drippings and transparent arctic headaches. Its a torn up piece of paper passing amnesia to its most unlikely listeners.

Muris + Noma is a three part thought experiment with expectations of unquiet refrain. L. Rozite - pipes, N. Davidson - strings, Noma - other things.

House gig, Glasgow 13/5/11

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