Monday, 30 May 2011

Dario Fariello, Keep It All Out, Neil Davidson & Ash Reid

Dario Fariello - Italian saxophonist living in Berlin who plays regularly with Tristan Honsinger and almost never with James Brown. Dario's melodic lines are strong and ambiguous, but unlike the ropes used by Antonio Banderas's character in Átame! they don't stand for heteronormative binding, much. More like Fellini at his most bucolic; solo he's like a handbag of aluminium fox cubs in a tight white suit.

Keep It All Out - Instructions for bodies featuring some really good bodies. By Julia Scott and Liene Rozite.

Ash Reid (Solipstink / Scrim) and Neil Davidson (Muris / With Lumps) - Putting the dirt back into lounge music by way of tape putrefaction and winking.

Glasgow University Concert Hall 18/6/11 8pm

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